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Latest News| Nov 22, 2022

Lean On Me: A Caregiver's Guide to Safeguarding Children and Supporting Healing from Sexual Abuse

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Mar 17, 2021

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Latest News | November 22, 2022
New Portal Launches for 4,000 Speakers Bureau Members

The Speakers Bureau is made up of nearly 4,000 members who have survived sexual violence.These individuals represent a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. Sara Snyder, RAINN’s speakers bureau coordinator, is leading the launch of a new online portal for Speakers Bureau members, and a new...

Latest News | November 22, 2022
Love, Respect, and Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time that many celebrate as a way to be close to family and loved ones and a time to recognize all of the wonderful things in their lives. While spending time with family can be wonderful, it can also be stressful and complicated. There might be certain members of our family that...

Latest News | November 22, 2022
Helping Four Million People

Just weeks after RAINN turned 28 years old in 2022, it hit a bittersweet milestone: its victim service programs helped the four-millionth person.

Latest News | November 22, 2022
Celebrating Native American Heritage Month

November is Native American Heritage Month and this month RAINN is celebrating and acknowledging this special month to stand in solidarity with all members of the Native American/Indigenous Community. Native American Heritage Month is about spreading celebration and education of the various Native...

Latest News | November 22, 2022
Healthcare Exec Jamila Sykes Joins RAINN’s Board

The big picture: RAINN announced the addition of a new board member, Jamila Sykes, a healthcare management executive with deep expertise in innovation and diversity, and delivering rapid-response crisis intervention systems. RAINN’s senior content writer and strategist, Sierra Scott, sat down with...


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