Latest News | June 28, 2022
RAINN Statement on Sentencing of Ghislaine Maxwell

Washington, D.C. - RAINN released the following statement after Ghislaine Maxwell was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Maxwell was charged with five sex crimes, including transporting a minor with the intent to engage in criminal sexual activity and sex trafficking a minor.

Latest News | June 22, 2022
RAINN Statement After Jury Finds Bill Cosby Sexually Assaulted Judy Huth

Washington, D.C. - RAINN released the following statement after a California jury decided that Bill Cosby sexually assaulted Judy Huth when she was 16:

Latest News | June 06, 2022
In Wake of Depp-Heard Verdict, RAINN Sees 35% Increase in Calls to National Sexual Assault Hotline

Washington, D.C. - In the month of May 2022, RAINN provided support to 28% more people than in May 2021. This is notable because March 2022 and April 2022 RAINN saw only a 3% increase from the prior year, so the May increase in call volume was likely driven by news coverage. The day of the verdict...

Latest News | May 24, 2022
Tech Innovator on the Fight to Create a Safer Internet and Prevent Child Predators

Catherine Connelly is the co-founder and senior vice president of marketing at The Meet Group. The Meet Group’s mission is to meet the universal need for human connection. Catherine is a member of RAINN’s National Leadership Council, a group of dedicated individuals who have shown their commitment...

Latest News | May 24, 2022
RAINN Takes Action on Bills this Year in the States

RAINNews’ Sierra Scott sat down with Stefan Turkheimer, director of state legislative affairs, to talk about RAINN’s state policy work over the past year. What are some laws that RAINN has worked on this past year in the states? This past year, we have worked on many bills.


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