Safety and Prevention

You can take an active role in increasing your safety or the safety of those you care about. While there's no way to eliminate the chance that something may happen, there are strategies that may reduce your risk or give you the confidence to step in to prevent a sexual assault.

Safety for Parents

While child sexual abuse is hard to talk about, there are steps parents can take to keep their children safe.

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Safety for Students

College students can take steps to look out for their friends, speak up about sexual violence, and increase personal safety.

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Warning Signs

It’s not always obvious when someone you care about has been affected by sexual violence. Learn the warning signs.

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    Staying Safe

  • How to Respond if Someone Is Pressuring You - If someone is pressuring you to engage in sexual activity, it is important to remember that being in this situation is not your fault. Here are some strategies to try.
  • What Consent Looks Like - The laws vary by state and situation, but you don’t have to be a legal expert to understand how consent plays out in real life.  
  • Safety Planning - Brainstorming ways to stay safe may help reduce the risk of future harm. 
  • Alcohol Safety - There are steps you can take to increase your safety in situations where drinking may be involved. Like any safety tips, they are not foolproof, but they may help you feel more secure in social situations.
  • Safety Tips for Traveling - Whether you travel often or you’re getting ready for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, it’s important to think about safety as part of your travel preparations. 

    Online Safety

  • Safe Web Browsing - Whether you are looking for help online for yourself or someone you care about, there are two important safety elements to consider: privacy and security.
  • Social Media Safety - What you choose to share on social media is always your decision, but what others choose to do with your information is not always be in your control.  
  • Meeting Offline - Talking online can build a strong connection with someone you’ve never met in person. When it's time to take it offline, consider a few safety principles to make meeting in person a safe and comfortable experience.

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