Leadership and Governance

Board of Directors

  • Scott Berkowitz, President and Founder
  • Regan Burke, Chairperson
  • Cybele Daley, Treasurer
  • Katherine Miller
  • Tracy Sefl, Secretary

Key Staff

  • Jodi Omear, Vice President of Communications
  • Kati Lake, Vice President of Consulting Services
  • Rebecca O'Connor, Vice President of Public Policy
  • Jennifer Marsh, Vice President of Special Projects
  • Brian Pinero, Vice President of Victim Services
  • Chelsea Bowers, Director of Development
  • Jeff Senkevich, Director of Technology

Pro Bono Counsel


Program Advisory Board

These leaders in the field of anti-sexual violence lend their expertise to help RAINN improve and expand our programs and services.

National Leadership Council

The National Leadership Council is a leadership group of individuals who have been recognized based on their commitment to RAINN's mission of supporting survivors of sexual assault and bringing perpetrators to justice.

  • Christina Ricci, Chair and National Spokesperson
  • Paige Adams-Geller
  • Florence Buchanan
  • Susan Chanin
  • Mick and Colette Foley
  • Berit Kyllo Francis and Michael Francis
  • Neil Gaiman
  • Melissa and Michael Gallagher
  • Kelly Johnson
  • Marci Matthews
  • Paul McComas
  • Alice Sebold
  • Jennifer Shipe
  • Nicholas Wools