Engaging Your Campus

Colleges are required by law to provide students with sexual assault prevention education and increase awareness of sexual violence. There are a number of important factors that go into an administration’s decision to bring a specific program to campus. Your opinion should be one of them. No matter what you think about the prevention program used at your college, you can anonymously and easily share your feedback.

Your Role

Prevention education is a critical step in building a strong and safe college community. The right program can make all the difference. By rating your school’s program, you’re joining an important conversation about prevention education.

Your opinion matters

These programs were made for you, and what you think matters. Your feedback can help administrators at your college—and at colleges across the country—know which program will be the right fit for their students.

  • Two minute reviews. In just a few clicks, you can anonymously rate your school’s program and help your college take the right steps toward ending sexual violence on your campus.
  • Tell us what works. If your school’s program is making a real difference, let your administration know with a positive rating on the Prevention Navigator.
  • Tell us what doesn’t work. If you’re not satisfied with the program your college uses, your college needs to hear your feedback. You can also use the Prevention Navigator to explore other options and see what programs are used on campuses across the country. See one you like? You can recommend it to your administration, or even bring it to your campus yourself by contacting the program representative.

Spread the word

Whether you’re involved in Greek life, on a sports team, in a club, or want to set an example on campus, it’s easy to get your classmates involved.

  • Ask a friend. After you rate your school’s program, encourage your roommate, classmates, and friends to submit a review. Use this sample text to get started.
  • Ask a professor. Expand your reach by asking a professor to announce the Prevention Navigator at the end of class, or work it into a class topic.
  • Share on mobile. The Prevention Navigator is designed for simple use on your phone. Rate a program and share the survey link by text, email, or on social media.
  • On the ground. Ask your college’s Student Affairs office about setting up a table in your campus’ student center. Hand out or setup tablets and laptops for students to take the survey on the go.


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