Take Action With "It's On Us" Campaign

It’s On Us is an initiative to address sexual assault on college campuses. Learn more from RAINN here and by visiting ItsOnUs.org

RAINN Its On Us Logo

Here are 5 ways to get involved:

1. Take the pledge. Commit to ending sexual violence on your college campus by signing the pledge at ItsOnUs.org.

2. Take action on your campus. Sign up to receive special materials from RAINN to start a conversation on your campus.

3. Share the National Sexual Assault Hotline with a friend or loved one. Call 800.656.HOPE or visit online.rainn.org.

4. Tell us your ideas using the hashtag #ItsOnUS. What should schools be doing to address sexual assault on campus? Share your thoughts on social media — and be sure to tag RAINN (@RAINN). We’ll be retweeting some of the most creative approaches and ideas. Follow RAINN on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram to see some of the best.

5. Intervene. One of the most effective ways to prevent rape is to mobilize men and women on campus to join together in stopping perpetrators before they can commit a crime. If you see a friend in a situation that doesn’t feel right, find a non-confrontational way to step in. You can try redirecting the conversation or suggesting your friend join you outside.

It’s On Us partners include RAINN and:

Electronic Arts
USA Characters Unite
Atlantic Coast Conference
National Collegiate Athletic Association
SB Nation
United State Olympic Committee
Participant Media


It’s On Us is a project of Generation Progress with support from Mekanism, the PVBLIC Foundation, and the White House.