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Walk addresses how the discrimination that transgender survivors of sexual assault face surrounding their identities can create additional barriers to seeking help from the very resources that are supposed to help them. This powerful PSA seeks to shift the conversations surrounding these issues and take focused and purposeful action, ensuring that survivors get the care and resources needed—because at RAINN, we help all survivors.


Won't Stay Quiet

RAINN's #WontStayQuiet PSA features survivors, their loved ones, and allies, including actor Aisha Dee of FreeForm’s The Bold Type. The #WontStayQuiet PSA script was inspired by each of the video participants' stories and reasons why they work to end sexual violence. Visit our page to learn more about each of their stories. You can find the full PSA here.


RAINN's Wait PSA, released in collaboration with Smuggler, aims to show the experience many survivors have while waiting to receive a Sexual Assault Forensic Exam, more commonly referred to as a Rape Kit. After someone is sexually assaulted, every minute counts to collect the evidence needed to bring perpetrators to justice. Stay up to date with our policy team's work to ensure survivors don't have to wait.


The Survivor Stories Campaign

The RAINN Survivor Series campaign features seven survivors of sexual violence: Adam, Barbara, Debra, Julianna, Keith, Lucy, and Samentha, and is made possible by a Getty Images Creative Grant. All rights reserved. Download from the National Association of Broadcasters Spot Center. Learn more about the RAINN Survivor Series.


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The Secret


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The Secret Short


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Living in Fear


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