Survivor Stories

Adam is a survivor.

When Adam was 14, a normal encounter with his uncle suddenly turned abusive. “I took steps to prevent the pain, but a part of me thought that was how he loved me.” The abuse continued over the next four years. It took time for Adam to heal from the experience and become comfortable disclosing what happened. Today he proudly shares his story to remind survivors of sexual assault, especially men and boys, that they are not alone.


No one person's story is alike. No one survivor's experience is the same. RAINN's Speakers Bureau includes more than 3,600 survivors from different corners of the country and different life experiences who have a unique and important story to share. 

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You can help change the way people think about and respond to sexual violence. The RAINN Speakers Bureau connects survivors with opportunities to share their stories and educate the public through speaking events and media interviews.

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