SAAPM Social Media Toolkit

Now that you’ve learned how to support a survivor with empathy, and practice healthy self-care as a loved one, it’s time to share this knowledge with others. This Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month is the perfect time to share the TALK method with your social networks, family, and friends. Here are a few sample social media posts and shareable graphics you can use to spread the word about what you’ve learned:

  • This #SAAPM, I’ve committed to learning how to respond to survivors with empathy with @RAINN. Learn how you can too: #TALKtoMe
  • The first response a survivor hears after disclosing greatly affects their healing process. Be a reason they feel supported. Learn how with @RAINN: #SAAPM #TALKtoMe
  • As a survivor myself, it’s important that every survivor feels supported and heard. This #SAAPM, learn the dos and don’ts of responding to a survivor who shares their story: @RAINN #TALKtoMe
  • We can all be better advocates and supporters of survivors. Start today by learning @RAINN’s #TALKtoMe strategy for supporting survivors: #SAAPM
  • When a loved one shares they’ve been sexually assaulted, you may feel at a loss for words. Be prepared to respond with @RAINN’s #TALKtoMe strategy:
  • Every 73 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted, but you can be there for survivors. Learn more at @RAINN #SAAPM #TALKtoMe







Eight out of 10 sexual assaults are committed by someone who knows the victim.

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Your next birthday can help survivors of sexual violence.

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