Want To Meet the Cast of Sweet/Vicious? Donate to RAINN

RAINN’s longtime entertainment partner, MTV, is surprising viewers across the country with their new series, Sweet/Vicious. The series addresses campus sexual violence by tapping into a surprising medium: comedy.

Poster for MTV show Sweet/Vicious featuring two girls standing back to back

MTV sought RAINN’s support in developing a storyline that balanced humor with important lessons about consent, bystander intervention, and recovery. “It’s surprising to see a show use humor to take on important concepts like consent and bystander intervention, and that’s exactly what this writing team has achieved,” said Jodi Omear, RAINN’s vice president of communications.

Now, Sweet/Vicious wants to give back. MTV recently announced a Viewing Party Contest that will raise funds for RAINN’s National Sexual Assault Hotline and engage young viewers in conversations about consent. The winner of the contest can invite up to 15 friends to a personal Sweet/Vicious viewing party with stars Eliza Bennett and Taylor Dearden.

Want to watch Sweet/Vicious with stars Eliza Bennett and Taylor Dearden?

    1. Create or join a fundraising page. Visit the contest website and click "Become a Fundraiser.” You can select either to join a team or create your own. If you’re joining a team, enter the name of your team (or your team captain) and you’ll be taken directly to your team’s page. If you’re creating a team, follow the easy steps to set up your team page.
    2. Create a video. Create a video up to one minute in length, and add it to the “story” section of your team’s page. Here's your chance to be creative and explain why your friends are joining the movement to stop sexual violence. Everyone in the video must be at least 15 years of age. Start your fundraiser today. Winners of the Sweet/Vicious Viewing Party Contest can participate in a viewing party with the stars of the show.
    3. Ask friends and family for support​. Now it’s time to fundraise. Start small by asking friends and family to donate to your team. Let them know that all funds raised through the contest will be donated directly to RAINN and will support critical programs, such as the National Sexual Assault Hotline.

    The team that submits a video and raises the most amount of money by January 18, 2017, will win. See official rules for details. Winners must be available for a viewing party on January 31, 2017.

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