RAINN Responds to Law Enforcement Improperly Using a Survivor’s DNA From Her Rape Kit

Washington, D.C. - RAINN released the following statement following reports of San Francisco police storing and improperly using DNA collected from a woman during her rape kit exam:

“Reports that police improperly used DNA collected from a survivor during a rape kit exam to investigate another crime is horrifying and an egregious violation of the survivor’s privacy. Survivors who undergo rape kit exams have consented to the collection of their DNA for a very specific purpose: to catch the person who raped them. Storing a survivor’s DNA in a database, or using it for any other purpose, is indefensible, and will discourage them from seeking medical care or reporting an assault. We urge the police to immediately cease this practice, and legislators to make it illegal.” - Camille Cooper, vice president of public policy, RAINN



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