RAINN Celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month: Elevating Voices, Breaking Barriers

At RAINN, we embrace National Hispanic Heritage Month as an opportunity to spotlight the stories and experiences of sexual abuse survivors within Hispanic and Latino communities. Our commitment is rooted in our mission to amplify voices, provide ongoing support, and address the unique needs of Spanish-speaking survivors throughout the year.

Because sexual assault disproportionately affects members of the Latino community, and because language should never be a barrier to support, RAINN has expanded the availability of culturally relevant survivor and supporter resources in Spanish. We're also collaborating with partners to strengthen the ecosystem of support in Spanish-speaking communities. By doing so, we are staying true to our mission: reaching survivors where they are, ensuring accessibility, and relevance in our support efforts.

Join us in creating an environment where survivors feel comfortable and empowered to transcend cultural barriers in their journey to seek the assistance and support they need. Explore our Spanish resources and spread the word about RAINN's support of Hispaniic and Latino survivors and services in Spanish, available 24/7 for anyone in the United States at RAINN.org/es. Together, we can break down language barriers, provide essential support, and empower survivors to heal and thrive.