Highlights from RAINN’s Thrive Together Panel Series Now Available

As part of RAINN’s Thrive Together campaign, in 2020 and 2021, RAINN hosted a series of engaging and thoughtful virtual panel discussions to help bring our anti-sexual violence work to life for donors and supporters and provide a closer look behind the scenes. Thrive Together is a two-year, $10 million effort to provide additional resources to reach survivors when they need us most, and to create a future where we all can thrive together. The campaign centers on three strategic pillars: answering the call, shaping the narrative, and championing change. RAINN provides survivor-centered and survivor-informed services, answering every call through the National Sexual Assault Hotline. We shape the narrative by raising awareness through our social platforms, with the media, and through our entertainment partnerships with the sharing of real-time survivor stories and narratives rooted in healing, transformation, and recovery. We also champion change by responding to survivors’ needs through public policy efforts at the state and federal levels.

If you missed our panels the first time, you’re in luck: Our Thrive Together Panel Clips are all together in one spot. We have clips hosted by RAINN with guest speakers from our Speakers Bureau, National Leadership Council, outside experts and more. For example, our Answering the Call: Safe Spaces dialogue focused on our Victim Services team and how they create safe spaces for all survivors, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation. In Championing Change: Improving Access to Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners we discussed with guests the critical shortage ofsexual assault nurse examiners, their role in supporting survivors, and the need for expanded access to care in hospitals across the country. We answered the call in our Answering the Call: Evolving to Meet Survivors’ Needs panel, which walked through our existing crisis hotline services and how we are evolving to meet survivors’ needs. Up next, we had a critical conversation called Shaping the Narrative: Lifting our Voices, where members of the RAINN Speakers Bureau came together to share their stories and how they navigated their paths to healing. Finally, but not least, we hosted our Answering the Call: Child Sexual Assault & Covid 19, where experts and survivors discussed how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted children and the reporting of child sexual assault.

You can watch all of the panels here.