AWE Launches Jewelry Line to Support Survivors

A new jewelry company, Alive We're Empowered (AWE), launched this week with plans to donate directly to RAINN. AWE is a new fine jewelry brand that “celebrates the resilience of those who have survived life-altering adversities.” RAINN is one of AWE’s four national charity partners that customers can select during the checkout process. In an effort to support survivors, customers can choose RAINN as their charity-of-choice to receive 20 percent of sale proceeds.

AWE (Alive We're Empowered) company insignia, four tear dropsIn addition to selling jewelry, AWE aims to create an online community by encouraging survivors to share their experiences using the hashtag #AWEinspiringstories.

AWE was founded by Jill Johnson, owner of Jilco, Inc., an established jewelry manufacturer and wholesaler specializing in precious metals and meaningful design.

All AWE jewelry incorporates the AWE Link insignia, which includes “four tear drops that represent the blood, sweat, and tears that define each survivor's journey.”

Visit RAINN’s page on AWE to learn more about the partnership, shop for finely crafted jewelry, and support survivors of sexual violence.

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