OHL Internship: Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for an internship with the National Sexual Assault Online Hotline?

Graduate and undergraduate students of all disciplines are encouraged to apply. However, due to the nature of the position, we do ask that applicants have previous knowledge of issues around sexual assault. Students who have completed studies in psychology, women’s studies, human services/ social work and related fields are encouraged to apply as are individuals with experience working in similar fields outside of the classroom.

Those applying for the National Volunteer Supervisor position are encouraged to have previous experience working either with a rape crisis center or on a crisis line. Graduate students are preferred.

Is this a paid internship?

RAINN internships are unpaid.

How can I afford an unpaid internship?

Many colleges and universities have special funding for students who attend programs in D.C. There are also some private scholarships as well. Likewise, most schools have financial aid options for interning students. Please contact your financial aid office before deciding whether or not an internship with RAINN is affordable.

I do not live in the Washington DC area, where would I be able to find housing?

RAINN does not provide housing, but there are many resources for individuals interning in Washington.

What hours are Online Hotline interns required to work?

RAINN office hours are 9am -6:30pm. However, intern schedules can be tailored to their class or program schedules. RAINN has two classifications for interns. Full-time interns are expected to work between 35-40 hours and part-time interns are expected to work at least 15 hours.

Beyond typical office hours, Online Hotline interns will be required to attend an in person training one weekend early in the semester to be able to take calls on the hotline. This date is not flexible and interns will be notified prior to starting for the semester. Likewise, interns may be able to complete some of their hours by remote. This option, however, is decided on a case by case basis.

What are the start and end dates of Online Hotline Internships?

Internships occur on a trimester schedule: Fall, Spring and Summer. The exact start and end dates for each period is flexible and coincides with the training dates for Online Hotline volunteers.


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