Meet Iris - RAINN's New Chatbot

You’ve got questions about sexual violence. Iris can help you find the answers. RAINN’s new chatbot — named for the Greek goddess of the rainbow — is here to help you find answers and connect with information and resources quickly.

Please note, Iris is not meant to replace the crisis services provided by the National Sexual Assault Hotline, but to supplement them by connecting you to information on RAINN’s website and other national resources quickly. Iris is a bot and, therefore, cannot offer emotional support, it can only provide factual information. You always have the opportunity to get one-on-one support from a member of the hotline team and we encourage you to join the hotline queue; you won’t lose your place in line by asking questions of Iris.

How It Works

Simply type your question in the bot below and hit return to submit a question or a topic of interest to Iris. Please be as specific and concise as possible. Iris will reply quickly. It may ask clarifying questions to help make sure it is getting you the correct information. You can also follow up with additional questions until you feel comfortable you’ve gotten the information you need.

You can end your conversation with Iris at any time by simply closing it.

Your Feedback Matters

The chatbot runs using artificial intelligence (AI) and is constantly learning. Iris is still a beta product and can currently handle simple requests but, with your help, will be able to handle more as it learns and grows. If you’d like to provide us feedback, please use the stars rating below or submit feedback through the survey link below. This feedback will also help Iris improve.

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