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2015 Newsletters

December 2015
New Law Brings Sexual Abuse Education to Schools

November 2015
ABC Shows Tackle Sexual Violence

October 2015
Sexual Assault Laws: How Does Your State Compare?

September 2015
RAINN Launches New Prevention & Response Program

August 2015
TLC Program to Spotlight Survivors

July 2015
New TNT Show Solves Sexual Assault Cases Using DNA

June 2015
As Seen on Dateline: Talking to Your Teens About Sexual Assault

May 2015
Thousands of Victims' Cases at Risk from DNA Backlog

April 2015
4 Ways to Help Friends Stay Safe

March 2015
7 Ways to Fight Sexual Violence this April

February 2015
Congress to Make Child Pornographers Pay

January 2015
Hotlines Helped 400 People a Day + 6 Privacy Tips for Survivors

2014 Newsletters

December 2014
Non-Students Found to Have Higher Risk than College Students

November 2014
Cosby News Leads to 50% Increase for National Sexual Assault Hotline

October 2014
12 Holiday Travel Tips For Survivors

September 2014
Kerry Washington, Jon Hamm Headline Campus Campaign

August 2014
Behind the Scenes with Tori Amos & RAINN's 20th

July 2014
Matthew Sandusky Opens Up To Oprah About His Abuse

June 2014
Tonight: Male Survivor Confronts his Past on ABC's "Extreme Weight Loss"

May 2014
What will it take to end the rape kit backlog?

April 2014
4 Ways to Support a Friend This Month

March 2014
White House, RAINN examine campus sexual assault policies

January 2014
5 tips to improve your safety online

2013 Newsletters

December 2013
Facebook Partners with RAINN to Launch New Feature

November 2013
Instagram Retires #RapeFace after Hearing from RAINN Supporters

October 2013
Etsy Removes Pro-Rape T-Shirts After RAINN Petition

September 2013
Students Unite to Fight Sexual Violence

August 2013
Stopping Rapists From Getting Custody of the Child

July 2013
Cleveland Victims: "One Step Closer to Recovery"

June 2013
RAINN Combats "How-To" Guide with New Campaign

May 2013
Self-Care App Wins Innovation Award

April 2013
Fox's Glee Teams Up with RAINN

March 2013
What you Need to Know About VAWA

February 2013
FOX Collaborates with RAINN, Hotline Usage Soars

January 2013
New App Offers Self-Care for Survivors in Military

2012 Newsletters

December 2012
Adam Richman Celebrates RAINN Milestone: 1.8 Million Helped

November 2012
DNA Laws Threatened; Supreme Court to Rule

October 2012
Facebook Chooses RAINN as Partner for New Gifts Platform

September 2012
Momentum Builds for Bipartisan SAFER Act

August 2012
RAINN: “Rep. Akin’s Claim is Ridiculous”

July 2012
The Aftermath: Freeh Slams Cover-up; Hotline Usage Soars

June 2012
Sandusky Verdict Inspires Thousands of Survivors to Get Help

May 2012
Survivors Demand Justice with the SAFER Act

April 2012
President Obama Encourages Use of DoD Safe Helpline, Operated by RAINN

March 2012
Famed Denim Designer Launches RAINN Blue Line

February 2012
ABC Makes TV History with Male Survivor

January 2012
FBI Acknowledges that Every Victim Counts

2011 Newsletters

December 2011
RAINN's 2011: Thousands Helped, Millions Educated

November 2011
Penn State Alums Unite with RAINN & Stand Up for Victims

October 2011
Johnny Depp Asks RAINN to Accept his Heartfelt Apology: "I'm Truly Sorry"

September 2011
Jeffrey Katzenberg Welcomes RAINN to Hollywood

August 2011
Common Sense Tips as 14 Million Head Back to Campus

July 2011
From 0 to 1.6 Million Helped

June 2011
From Backstage with Tori Amos to Helping 1.5 Million Survivors

May 2011
And the Television Academy Honors Go To…

April 2011
Congress to Deal With Thousands of Unsolved Rape Cases

March 2011
RAINN Launches Helpline for U.S. Military

February 2011
Sen. Scott Brown Discloses Sexual Assault

January 2011
More Than 122,648 Survivors of Sexual Assault Helped

2010 Newsletters

December 2010
Send a Message to Michael Moore: Rape Isn't “Hooey”

November 2010
Partnership Drives Record Ratings for ABC's Hit Show

October 2010
More Than 1.5 Million Survivors Helped

September 2010
Vice President Biden Highlights RAINN Day

August 2010
RAINN tackling the nation's DNA evidence backlog

July 2010
Experience Sweden with Dragon Tattoo

June 2010
Christina Ricci is the Voice of Upgraded Hotline

May 2010
Online Hotline Gets a Facelift!

April 2010
Celebrities Take Part in New RAINN Campaign!

March 2010
Musician Speaks Out In Web Video

February 2010
Thousands Call Hotline After Oprah

January 2010
WWE Champion Mick Foley Takes on Sexual Violence

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