Latest News | August 17, 2023
Resources for Survivors of Stalking and Cyberstalking

In today's digital age, stalking and cyberstalking has emerged as one of the most pervasive and alarming issues associated with the use of technology-facilitated crimes. This contributes significantly to the prevalence of sexual violence. However, stalking and cyberstalking may not always be easy...

Latest News | August 17, 2023
Insights from Study on Teen Dating and Violence

In a comprehensive study focused on understanding teen dating violence, July researchers released the National Survey on Teen Relationships and Intimate Violence (STRiV). This longitudinal study offers a trauma-informed lens to explore the intricacies of teen dating violence through detailed...

Latest News | August 15, 2023
Peer Support Through Safe Helpline

The Department of Defense (DoD) Safe Helpline is the Department’s sole crisis support service specially designed for members of the DoD community affected by sexual assault. Safe Helpline is secure, confidential, anonymous, and available 24/7, worldwide. The Safe Helpline staff provides live, one-...

Latest News | July 12, 2023
Self-Care: Write a letter to your future self

For the month of July, let’s take some quiet time out in our daily routines to write a letter. Writing a letter to yourself at this moment in time, to your past self, or to your future self, can bring about a moment of reflection, healing, and insight. Writing has many benefits for survivors,...