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  1. How Can I Make A Difference?

    ... up. When someone makes a joke or inappropriate comment about sexual assault, speak up and let them know that sexual assault is a ... who is intoxicated, speaking up when someone makes a joke about sexual assault, or reporting inappropriate behavior in your ... view and react to sexual violence and harassment. Learn more about bystander intervention and the steps you can take to help prevent ...

    02/07/2018 - 15:08

  2. Scott's Story

    ... During one visit, Scott gathered the courage to speak up about the abuse. His father immediately called the police. “It took a while ... found out later that my mom also testified that she knew about the abuse, but didn’t do anything. That really hurt,” explained ...

    02/24/2017 - 11:32

  3. RAINN Joins Forces to Overturn Ohio Anti-Victim Ruling

    ... RAINN's Action Center and sign up to stay informed about RAINN’s work to eliminate the backlog of untested rape kits, as well as ...

    11/21/2016 - 12:57

  4. Online Dating and Dating App Safety Tips

    ... to connect with someone you have so little information about. Check out your potential date on social media. If you know your ... for people to misrepresent themselves. Trust your instincts about whether you feel someone is representing themself truthfully or not. ...

    01/08/2019 - 11:46

  5. Statistics

    ... Violence People Helped by RAINN About RAINN's Statistics ...

    01/04/2017 - 16:21

  6. Work at RAINN

    ... Learn More about RAINN's Benefits ...

    08/08/2018 - 08:59

  7. Record Numbers Speak Out, Contact RAINN Hotline

    ... #metoo campaign have elevated a pivotal public discussion about sexual violence—an issue that affects an American every 98 seconds. ... day RAINN’s victim services programs provide support to about 600 individuals affected by sexual violence, assisting a record 19,432 ...

    02/07/2018 - 15:08

  8. #MeToo: RAINN Turns Awareness Into Action

    ... to elevate a critical national discussion by speaking out about sexual assault and harassment across every industry. “The awareness ... action in a variety of ways, including educating the public about sexual violence, working at the federal and state levels to improve the ...

    10/05/2018 - 09:24

  9. New Graphics! Online Dating and Dating App Safety Tips

    ... In addition to the tips below, you can also read more about connecting online and meeting up in person here .    Tips ...

    01/09/2019 - 11:57

  10. Workplace Giving

    ... CFC organization code is  10488 . Learn more about the CFC.  Questions about workplace giving? Contact RAINN at or call ...

    07/31/2018 - 14:54