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  1. Choose RAINN for Your CFC Contribution

    About RAINN September marks the beginning of CFC season, the ... and 202.544.3561. Learn more about the CFC from the Office of Personnel Management . Learn more about pledging to RAINN through the CFC . If you work for a private sector ...

    02/07/2018 - 15:13

  2. Make Campuses Safer: Review a Prevention Program

    ... across the country to join an important conversation about effective prevention strategies,” said Nancy Amestoy, RAINN's campus ...

    02/07/2018 - 15:13

  3. Colleges Nationwide Recognize RAINN Day

    ... annual day of action to raise awareness and educate students about sexual violence. This grassroots program is designed to help college students educate their peers about risk reduction and recovery resources on campus.  This year, ...

    02/07/2018 - 15:12

  4. RAINN Partners with Health Insurance Provider to Develop Resource for International Students

    ... backgrounds who are studying in the U.S. information about consent, bystander intervention, safety, responding to incidents, and ... prepare organizations to effectively provide education about sexual violence and to respond to incidents in a way that facilitates ...

    02/07/2018 - 15:10

  5. What is Consent?

    ... recently, in part because of the many who bravely spoke out about sexual harassment in the entertainment industry and those who shared ... then they are not able to consent. Consent is about communication, and it should happen every time. Giving consent for one ...

    02/07/2018 - 15:09

  6. Record Numbers Speak Out, Contact RAINN Hotline

    ... #metoo campaign have elevated a pivotal public discussion about sexual violence—an issue that affects an American every 98 seconds. ... day RAINN’s victim services programs provide support to about 600 individuals affected by sexual violence, assisting a record 19,432 ...

    02/07/2018 - 15:08

  7. How Can I Make A Difference?

    ... up. When someone makes a joke or inappropriate comment about sexual assault, speak up and let them know that sexual assault is a ... who is intoxicated, speaking up when someone makes a joke about sexual assault, or reporting inappropriate behavior in your ... view and react to sexual violence and harassment. Learn more about bystander intervention and the steps you can take to help prevent ...

    02/07/2018 - 15:08

  8. #2017 in Review: RAINN Supports Record Numbers

    About RAINN Sexual Assault With the renewed focus on ... the conversation and educate tens of millions of Americans about sexual harassment and assault. “Ending sexual violence takes every ... response programs. Partnered with TV shows on storylines about sexual violence, including ABC’s How to Get Away with Murder, ...

    02/07/2018 - 15:07

  9. Massage Envy Hires RAINN to Conduct End-to-End Review of Client Safety Practices

    ... prepare organizations to effectively provide education about sexual violence and to respond to incidents in a way that facilitates ...

    02/07/2018 - 15:06

  10. RAINN’s Consulting Services Help Organizations Improve Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Programs

    About RAINN Sexual Assault For more than 20 years, RAINN ... to better their practices related to the education about, and response to, sexual violence. Our goal is to meet each ... each step of the way to effectively provide education about sexual violence and tools to respond to incidents in a way that ...

    02/07/2018 - 15:05