A Human-Powered Horse Race

What is RAINN ‘EM IN, anyway?

It’s a horse race. Where the ponies are inflatable. And teams bounce to the finish line in a fight against sexual violence.

Jennifer Shipe is the founder of RAINN ‘EM IN. A rape survivor and a Penn State alumna, her goal is to raise awareness and support victims of sexual violence through an event centered in community and fun. Learn more about RAINN ‘EM IN and see photos from RAINN ‘EM IN, Seattle, 2012!

All proceeds from RAINN ‘EM IN events will benefit RAINN.

Where and when:

2nd Annual RAINN ‘EM IN, Seattle
Emerald Downs
Saturday, May 18

1st Annual RAINN ‘EM IN, Philly/Lancaster
B2B Baseball & Softball Academy
Sunday, June 2

1st Annual RAINN ‘EM IN, D.C.
Crystal City Sports Pub
Saturday, June 8

How you can help:

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