About the Prevention Navigator

Sexual assault prevention education is not one-size-fits-all. Every campus is different. RAINN developed the Prevention Navigator to help colleges find the right program and give students and administrators a place to share their experiences.

What is the Prevention Navigator?

The Prevention Navigator is a tool that helps colleges sort through and identify sexual assault prevention programs that best fit their needs. It lets users explore in-depth program profiles and search a database of programs by key criteria. You can view student participant feedback and administrative insight.

The Prevention Navigator’s mission is to help colleges make a more informed choice in selecting the best sexual assault prevention program for their institution. It allows users to look beyond advertised program materials and gain a more complete perspective, with diverse insight from program coordinators, student participants, and administrators.

Who should use it?

Administrators and faculty members tasked with choosing a prevention program for their campuses can explore their options with the Prevention Navigator. It is also an informative tool for college community members who want to learn more about their campus’ program, or check out alternatives. If you have recently participated in your campus’ prevention program, post a review and make your opinion count!

Addressing a critical need

Prevention education is a critical step toward addressing sexual assault on college campuses. The Campus SaVE Act requires campuses to provide primary prevention and awareness programs. These programs can do more than address a requirement: the right training can foster a more informed student body; improve students’ understanding and response; and ultimately prevent sexual violence. With a large number of trainings and curriculums available, it can be difficult to know which program will be the best fit for your campus. RAINN developed the Prevention Navigator to help colleges explore programs, and give students and administrators a place to share their experiences.

How was the Prevention Navigator built?

Throughout the development process, RAINN worked with college administrators, students, researchers, prevention professionals, and program developers across the country. RAINN used their input and feedback to guide the Prevention Navigator’s construction to best reflect the needs of college campuses nationwide.

About Program Profiles

All program information is provided by the prevention program. RAINN has not verified all information. Please contact us if you believe any information is incorrect or inappropriate.



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