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Latest News| Jul 9, 2021

LGBTQ Survivors Panel

In honor of Pride Month, RAINN recently held a survivor summit with three inspiring LGBTQ members of the RAINN Speakers Bureau to discuss identity, gender, resilience, and healing after sexual trau...

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Latest News | May 10, 2021
Lawyer on Supporting Survivors’ Healing and Pursuing Justice

Each month, RAINN highlights a member of its National Leadership Council. The NLC is a group of dedicated individuals who have shown their commitment to RAINN’s mission of supporting survivors and ending sexual violence.

Latest News | May 10, 2021
Author Shares Her Intimate Memoir, Investigation, and Manifesto in Is Rape a Crime?

Award-winning writer and public health executive Michelle Bowdler released her book, Is Rape A Crime? A Memoir, an Investigation and a Manifesto, in 2020. Her book interrogates the justice system in its response to sexual violence as she leads the reader on her intimate journey through healing,...

Latest News | May 10, 2021
RAINN Policy Team is Championing Change in State Legislatures

As many states wrap up their 2021 legislative sessions, RAINN’s public policy team has scored a number of victories as they work to champion changes in state policies to support survivors, improve relations between survivors and police, and help more survivors seek justice. RAINN’s team of...

Latest News | April 23, 2021
RAINN Files Amicus Brief Arguing that Defaming Rape Victims Isn’t an Official Act of the Presidency

Washington, D.C. — RAINN April 23 urged the Second Circuit Court of Appeals to consider how a ruling in President Donald Trump’s favor in E. Jean Carroll’s defamation lawsuit against him could have a chilling effect on survivors’ willingness to report sexual assault in the future.

Latest News | April 05, 2021
A Kids Book About Sexual Abuse Author on Why It’s So Crucial to Talk with Children Early

RAINNews recently sat down with Evelyn Yang, author of the just released A Kids Book About Sexual Abuse, to discuss her inspiration for this book, writing for young audiences, and why it’s so important to talk with children early about sexual abuse in language they can understand. Yang is an author...


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