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Latest News| Nov 14, 2023

13 Anti-Sexual Violence Bills to Know in November

It’s been a packed legislative season this Fall for RAINN's public policy team....

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Latest News | December 20, 2022
RAINN Statement on Latest Verdict on Harvey Weinstein’s Sexual Crimes

Washington, D.C. - RAINN released the following statement after the jury in a Los Angeles court delivered a mixed verdict for former Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein. Jurors found him guilty of raping one woman but either found him not guilty or could not decide on other charges.

Latest News | December 14, 2022
Navigating the Holidays

Dealing with Family Gatherings After Being Abused by a Family Member With the end of the year around the corner, survivors are preparing to spend time with family members and friends on New Year’s, Christmas, and other holidays. Family gatherings are at the core of holiday celebrations in our...

Latest News | December 14, 2022
How Safe Helpline Can Provide Support to the DoD Community During Disclosure

The Department of Defense (DoD) Safe Helpline is the Department’s sole crisis support service specially designed for members of the DoD community affected by sexual assault. Safe Helpline is secure, confidential, anonymous, and available 24/7, worldwide. The Safe Helpline staff provides live, one-...

Latest News | December 14, 2022
Healing with PTSD is Not Linear

The Impact of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Latest News | December 12, 2022
RAINN and HBO Announce Premiere of HBO’s Original Documentary Series “Unveiled: Surviving La Luz Del Mundo”

Washington, D.C. - RAINN is proud to work with HBO to announce the premiere of the three-part HBO Original documentary series Unveiled: Surviving La Luz Del Mundo. Unveiled tells the story of child sexual abuse within the La Luz del Mundo (LLDM) church. Unveiled also features Sochil Martin, who...


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