Survivor Love Letter

Survivor Love Letter was started by filmmaker and activist Tani Ikeda, who penned a letter to her younger self that ended with the words: “this is my survivor love letter.” Here is RAINN’s Survivor Love Letter.

I am the growth of a spring flower, sprouting with birth and bloom Forming out of a seed, growing out of the womb Stretching far into the horizon, with boundaries and a vision Joining the universe in peace, in a direct hit with collision

The galaxies surround me, in all of its shapes and forms Out of pain and out of confusion, out of the eye of the storm I align with the stars in its formation of light I am a survivor, a thriver, I shine out of the night

I step into the field of endless forgiveness and healing I say to myself “I deserve this, even if its a new feeling” I have awakened and taken the life that was always mine Speaking into existence, the powers that were already assigned

I am fierce as the tallest himalayan mountain Filled with waters of truth from the earth’s purest fountains I am as strong as the roots flowing from the sassafras tree I am the whistling wind gliding gracefully on the seas

I am lava, I am heat, spitting fire into the sun I am grounded with my feet and my life has just begun I am firm as a glacier, carving my future with relentless direction I am powerful and tenacious, surrounded with divinity and protection

I am reminded in this space that it was not my fault or my secret to keep Healing is not linear - sometimes I smile, sometimes I weep But as the sun rises, I know there is always a new day I am the sculptor of my life, I am the tools and the clay

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