The RAINN x Uncommon Goods 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

The winter holiday season has officially arrived, and we have teamed up with our friends at Uncommon Goods to share with you some of our favorite gifts to help you shop for your loved ones while supporting survivors and their loved ones at the same time.

We talked with people in the various teams here at RAINN to learn more about their favorite products from Uncommon Goods and compiled them into this helpful list. Not only are all these gifts super unique, but each one also comes with an opportunity to give back to RAINN and support survivors when you select RAINN at check out!

We hope this list will give you some creative ideas for everyone on your list this holiday season while also supporting survivors with your purchases.

Victim Services Finds:

The Victim Services team at RAINN oversees the organization’s direct service programs, including the National Sexual Assault Hotline (NSAH) and the Department of Defense Safe Helpline. Victim Services is also responsible for overseeing the hotline volunteer program and supporting all the staffers and volunteers whose commitment ensures that RAINN is always there to answer the call for survivors in need.

Some of our Victim Services team members have recommended the amazing gifts below as delightful and thoughtful options for anyone on your list this winter holiday season.

First up is the Finger Tracing Meditation Mug. Use this mug to add a little extra peace and self-care time to your morning coffee or tea routine, and combine some relaxing meditation time with your favorite pick-me-up!

Next, we have the Unisex Turkish Cotton Poncho to help you continue or start your self-care and relaxation journey! This poncho is the perfect gift for anyone who takes their relaxation time seriously. In the words of the staffer who suggested this item for the list, “Warm, comfy, AND it has pockets? Sign me up!”

The final pick from the Victim Services team is this adorable Dog Face Pillow. This home accessory is perfect for any animal lover and will add a new level of cuteness and happiness to any room of the house.

Communications Choices:

The Communications team helps make sure that RAINN is a leader in shaping the narrative around issues relating to sexual violence. From managing RAINN’s presence on social media to working with major players in the entertainment industry, the Communications team is RAINN’s first line of defense for ensuring factual and respectful representation of survivors and other issues relating to sexual violence in popular culture.

The next group of gifts was selected by members of RAINN’s Communications team, and are sure to be a welcome addition to just about anyone’s self-care routine or home office decor.

For the friend or family member looking to do some more personal reflection in 2022, check out the Dear Self Weekly Prompt Cards and Notepad for some inspiration! This thoughtful gift will encourage personal growth and self-love every day of the year and support a black woman-owned business! What could be better than that?

In the words of a member of our communications team, this Terrarium Candle is “affordable, adorable, and perfect for your friend who keeps forgetting to water their cactus.“ In other words, a totally solid gift choice!

Human Resources Hits:

Next up, we bring you some suggestions from members of our Human Resources team. RAINN’s Human Resources team is always there to support every member of the organization, making sure that things run smoothly so that RAINN can continue the important work of always being there to support survivors. For the 2021 holiday season, the Human Resources team chose gifts that are sure to be crowd-pleasers, especially for anyone who considers themselves a foodie or just likes delicious treats.

What could be better on a cold winter night than these amazing Hot Chocolate Bombs? They are a great way to put a new twist and a little extra fun on a classic winter drink that the whole family can enjoy!

Staying in the culinary realm, a member of our Human Resources team recommends Farm-to-Bottle Microdose Hot Sauce. This is definitely the perfect gift for those who can never get enough spice or heat with their meal!

Finally, presentation is an extremely important part of any culinary experience, and this Compact Swivel Cheese Board is sure to be a hit at your next gathering! Plus, it’s a great gift for anyone following current lifestyle trends, considering the popularity of charcuterie boards and displays.

Policy Team Inspired Picks

RAINN’s Public Policy team leads the charge for championing and creating change regarding the laws surrounding issues of sexual violence in the United States. The Public Policy team works on legislative and policy issues at the national level and in certain states to ensure that we are working toward the day when all survivors have access to the support and justice they deserve. Check out the picks below, and give a gift that will inspire the recipient to fight for change just like the Policy team does every day.

Kids are never too young to learn that they have the power to change society for the better. If you are looking for the perfect gift to inspire the next generation of advocates, activists, and changemakers, look no further! We Are The Change Introduces kids to the powerful and empowering stories of influential figures who came before them and reminds us that our work is far from finished.

For your political friend who took up puzzles during the pandemic, the Political Buttons of America Puzzle might just be the perfect gift!

The following two picks on this list are a must-have for anyone longing to feel like an explorer without leaving their kitchen. The Urban Map Glass is an excellent gift for any city lover, no matter where they’re currently living, and the Custom Map Serving Tray is an awesome way to honor a place that is close to your heart.

For the friend or family member who has always wanted to take a culinary journey around the globe, definitely consider the Global Hot Sauce & Spice Kit and help them take their taste buds on a new adventure with every bite.

Training Team Inspired Treasures:

RAINN’s Training team is responsible for ensuring that hotline support specialists across the organization have the knowledge and skills they need to support a diverse range of survivors, professionals, loved ones, and other individuals who reach out to RAINN’s hotlines for support. The items in this section are perfect for someone always ready to learn something new or constantly looking to challenge and grow their skill sets.

For the friend or loved one who wants to start or continue their self-care journey, take a look at The Positive Planner. This guided journal is a great choice for anyone looking to incorporate mindfulness and gratitude practices into their day.


Who says cooking can’t be fun? The Make Your Own Rainbow Bagel Kit and the DIY Raindrop Cake - Molecular Gastronomy Kit will allow the recipient to get super creative in the kitchen while learning to make some new (and delicious) treats to keep for themselves or share with friends and family!

Research Team Inspired Selections:

RAINN’s Research team does work that helps inform best practices in supporting survivors of sexual violence. They also shed light on trends and information that are traditionally overlooked in research around sexual violence. Their work ensures a more informed future for practitioners and professionals working in the field of sexual violence. The gifts in this section are inspired by the constant pursuit of new knowledge whose application will lead us to a better, brighter future.

Books are such a fantastic way to open yourself up to the continued pursuit of knowledge and immerse yourself in subjects ranging from fantastical fiction to true stories that change the way you think about the world. For the bibliophile who constantly struggles to decide on their next read, consider this 100 Books Scratch Off Poster. The best part about this gift is the potential for a new adventure awaiting every reveal.

Words have the power to inspire us and lead us to action. For the fashionista looking for a reminder of their strength to carry with them every day, the Maya Angelou "Still I Rise" Scarf makes an absolutely beautiful and thoughtful gift. Maya Angelou’s words remind us to keep fighting, keep growing, and keep rising every single day.

Fundraising Team Favs:

The final group of gift suggestions in this guide is brought to you by RAINN’s Development team. The Development team at RAINN is in charge of building partnerships and raising funds to ensure that all the teams at RAINN have the necessary resources to continue the essential work of supporting survivors and their loved ones. The gifts are chosen by the Development team range from self-care tools to accessories that show off a passion for social justice and allow you to get back a little extra in the process!

For a friend or loved one who can never seem to fall asleep, give this Moon Beam Sleep Aid a try. It may end up being their new favorite addition to the nighttime routine.

For lovers of self-care and wellness, check out the Wellbeing Ritual Aromatherapy Mini Tin. It is the perfect gift for making your home feel like a spa every day of the year!

Finally, for the social justice-oriented person who wants a cute new accessory, and wants to make sure their gift has the maximum impact on supporting survivors, check out the Keep Marching Necklace. Uncommon Goods has committed to giving five dollars back to RAINN with every necklace purchased, so this is a great gift if you want your purchase to have an even greater financial impact on survivors and their loved ones!

We hope these suggestions will help inspire your gifting and giving this holiday season. RAINN has been connected with Uncommon Goods for over a decade as part of the Better to Give program, and Uncommon Goods has donated over $600,000 so far through the course of our partnership.

Another great way to support survivors this holiday season and all year-round is through a direct donation to RAINN. Your support ensures that we can keep answering the call for survivors, shaping the narrative around sexual violence, and championing change through public policy efforts and collaborations with companies, organizations, and individuals across the country.

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