Looking for Ways to Help Survivors? Become a Volunteer Fundraiser

The national spotlight on sexual violence has caused a record number of survivors to turn to RAINN’s hotlines for help, and RAINN wants to ensure all survivors and loved ones get the help and support they deserve. Those looking to support critical sexual assault prevention and response programs can join a network of volunteer supporters from across the country who are passionate about helping survivors of sexual violence. Volunteers educate their communities and raise funds by asking friends and family for support.

“Our work is made possible by the vital support of dedicated people across the country who hold volunteer fundraisers to support survivors,” says Andrea Pagano-Reyes, RAINN’s vice president of development. “You can get involved by creating your own campaign. It only takes 5 minutes to put together your personalized page with photos and details about your campaign, and you can set your fundraising goal to whatever is best for you. You can also donate your birthday to RAINN.”

In addition to creating their own personalized fundraising page, each volunteer fundraiser receives support and advice about their campaign from a coach on RAINN’s staff. Fundraising pages can feature a personal appeal for donations or an activity such as a 5K race, benefit concert, homemade crafts for sale, or charity auction. While each volunteer fundraiser campaign is unique, their collective efforts fulfill the same mission: to provide financial support for services to survivors and build awareness in their community about the importance of ending sexual violence.

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