DoD Safe Helpline Launches Two New Self-Paced Education Programs

Department of Defense Safe Helpline is excited to introduce two new anonymous, online, self-paced education programs, How to Support a Survivor and Safe Helpline 101 to support loved ones and friends of survivors and the service providers who work with them.

Roughly one in four of the visitors to Safe Helpline who discusses an incident of sexual assault is a friend, family member, colleague, coworker or other concerned party looking for information on how best to support a survivor they know. How to Support a Survivor provides concrete tools that can help these individuals support the course of a survivor’s recovery. This program also identifies helping behaviors that support survivors of sexual assault while educating supporters about behaviors that can be harmful and how to avoid them. Learn more about the program here.

Safe Helpline 101 provides an overview of Safe Helpline, including services offered, information about the secure technology platform and the steps taken to protect the anonymity and confidentiality of users. Safe Helpline 101 includes video demonstrations on how each of its services works so users can feel confident referring Safe Helpline to survivors or using the services themselves. This program can be helpful for civilian sexual assault service providers looking for resources to support their clients in the military. Learn more about the program here.

Safe Helpline launched in February 2011 and is operated by the Department of Defense Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office (DoD SAPRO) through a contract with RAINN (the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network) - the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization. DoD SAPRO is responsible for the policy and oversight of the Department’s sexual assault prevention and response program. SAPRO works hand-in-hand with the Services and the civilian community to develop and implement innovative prevention and response programs.

DoD Safe Helpline provides anonymous, confidential, specialized support, information and resources to help empower sexual assault survivors in the DoD community as they take the next steps in their healing process. Safe Helpline services are available worldwide, 24/7—ensuring access to help, anytime, anywhere.

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