Closer Look: RAINN’s Development Team

In honor of RAINN’s 25th anniversary, each month we’ll be taking a closer look at the people and programs that are essential in our work to help survivors today and every day. This month, we’re shining a spotlight on RAINN’s development team.

How has RAINN kept the National Sexual Assault Hotline free, secure, and available 24/7 to serve over 3 million survivors and their loved ones during the past 25 years? That, along with providing funding for RAINN’s work educating the public and improving public policy, is the job of RAINN’s development team. The team manages all aspects of philanthropy and giving from generous individuals, foundations, corporate funders and other creative partners who recognize the importance of investing in our work. The team also keeps in touch with RAINN’s donors, acknowledges and processes gifts, and continuously thinks of new ways to invite and inspire more members of the RAINN community to support this vital work.

“Our generous donors can choose to give in a variety of ways, including through peer-to-peer platforms, workplace giving, stock options, corporate grants, direct contributions, and family foundations,” says Andrea Pagano-Reyes, vice president of development. “Whether someone is involved through our digital community, volunteers their time, or writes us a check, every bit counts when we’re working to support survivors and end sexual violence.”

RAINN’s donors come from a variety of backgrounds and choose to support RAINN’s mission for a variety of reasons. Often, people give to RAINN because they have used our services in the past at a time when they weren’t able to afford support and would now like to show their gratitude. Others give to RAINN because someone they know has used RAINN’s services and they’re aware of the positive impact it had on their life.

According to Pagano-Reyes, there’s something in particular that makes RAINN’s donors stand out. “When it comes to philanthropy, we generally say, ‘no one ever gives their last dollar.’ That saying is proven wrong every day here at RAINN—there are so many people who care deeply about RAINN’s mission to support survivors and end sexual violence that they will truly give anything they can. We have seen donors call in to cancel their monthly donation of $5 because they can’t afford it this month, and promise to reinstate it as soon as they can. This is moving to witness, and really shows us how deeply and personally this work can impact the lives of so many folks across the country.”

In addition to the countless passionate individual donors who make sure survivors get the help they deserve, RAINN also works with foundations and corporate partners. RAINN participates in a number of workplace matching programs, which allow employees to donate individually and for the company as a whole to also direct funds to RAINN.

“Philanthropy is an incredibly inspiring part of what it means to participate in the greater good of society,” says Andrea Pagano-Reyes. “It’s not just a donation to provide a service, it is an investment in our collective future.”

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