America's Most Wanted Safety Center Features National Sexual Assault Hotlines

America's Most Wanted (AMW) online Safety Center has just released their latest online safety video, entitled "Sexual Assault: Getting Help Now." AMW highlighted RAINN's National Sexual Assault Hotlines as the premiere resource for those affected by sexual violence. The online video, featuring RAINN's president and founder, Scott Berkowitz, informs viewers about the resources available through the National Sexual Assault Hotlines, and explains how to contact the hotline over the phone, or online.

Since 1994 the National Sexual Assault Hotlines have connected over 1.2 million people with free, confidential support. The telephone hotline is available at 1.800.656.HOPE, and connects callers to a trained counselor at their local rape crisis center. The National Sexual Assault Online Hotline is accessible through RAINN's website, and provides live support through an interface similar to an instant message with a trained volunteer. Both hotlines are free, completely anonymous, and available 24/7.

Click here to be transfered to the National Sexual Assault Online Hotline.

For information about the National Sexual Assault Online Hotline, and how you can get involved, please visit our Information Page.

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National Sexual Assault Hotline | 1.800.656.HOPE(4673) | Free. Confidential. 24/7.

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