Online Hotline Usage Doubles

RAINN Releases Online Hotline 2.0 to Keep Up with Growing Demand

The number of visitors helped by the National Sexual Assault Online Hotline has more than doubled in the past year. To meet this increased demand, RAINN has launched an updated version of the Online Hotline. OHL 2.0, as we call it, has new features, new information and resources for visitors, and tools that will help our staff and volunteers serve even more users.

OHL 2: Visitor's View

The Online Hotline, winner of the prestigious Technology Innovation Award from Npower and Accenture for being the best use of technology by a nonprofit, was the web’s first secure hotline service. It was developed in order to help the generation that naturally turns first to the web (nearly half of all rape victims are under the age of 18, and 80% are under the age of 30).

The Online Hotline is a safe, secure, and anonymous way for rape survivors and their family and friends to receive one-on-one help from trained staff and volunteers, through an instant-messaging style format. Visitors to the Online Hotline receive advice, emotional support and information about recovery and the criminal justice process, as well as local resources for long-term help.

Due to budget constraints, the Online Hotline is currently limited to serving about 2,000 visitors a month, even though demand is much higher. Over the next year, with your support, RAINN hopes to increase staffing levels so that the Online Hotline can help every sexual assault survivor in need. (Please donate now to help us increase OHL capacity.)

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