Michael Moore Calls Rape Case "Hooey"

Filmmaker Posts $20,000 Bail for Alleged Rapist

On national television, filmmaker Michael Moore referred to serious allegations of rape as "hooey" — and then donated $20,000 to bail out the alleged rapist.

Now RAINN supporters are fighting back with a campaign to raise that amount — or more — to help survivors of sexual violence.

In his MSNBC appearance, Moore mischaracterized and dismissed the rape allegations against Wikileaks' founder Julian Assange. His "facts" about the allegations directly contradict the facts reported by the NY Times and many others. Michael Moore may be known for his political opinions, but this time, it's not about politics — it's about taking rape seriously. 

Moore's callous and combative comments rightly angered survivors and those who care about them, motivating them to help raise funds for RAINN. In blog postings, they are urging their readers to donate to RAINN, noting that donations made by December 31 will be matched dollar-for-dollar by another supporter.

The organizers plan to at least match Moore's $20,000 donation, and hope to raise the total amount of Assange's bail ($315,000).

This issue with Moore has nothing to do with Julian Assange — like any alleged rapist, he deserves a fair trial. The problem is that Moore doesn't believe the charges should even be investigated or go to trial. That's a dangerous precedent that excuses perpetrators and further harms victims. 

Send a message to Michael Moore: Rape isn't "hooey." Donate to RAINN today.

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