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RAINN Program Provides Free Websites, Email and Tech Services to Local Rape Treatment Centers

RAINN’s Technology Access Project (TAP), launched last year, provides free websites, technology help and web content to hundreds of local rape treatment centers. More than 100 centers now rely on RAINN to provide website development, web hosting, email, e-newsletters and other tech services, along with live tech support.

Hundreds of additional centers have helped themselves to statistics, recovery tips and other content developed by RAINN, using the content on their websites and in brochures and other print publications.

TAP addresses a huge need identified by local service providers: the cost of developing and maintaining a website and other technology needs is unsustainable at a time when centers are simultaneously facing record demand for victim services and dealing with funding declines. Most local centers are unable to afford dedicated technology staff or webmasters, so RAINN has stepped up to provide these services for them, saving each participating center thousands of dollars.

Through TAP, RAINN creates websites for its local partners, complete with content. The sites belong entirely to the local center, which can add, remove and edit content however they wish, or stick with the content RAINN provides them. For each site, RAINN acquires a custom URL, or web address, chosen by the crisis center. RAINN’s technology staff helps centers make changes to their sites, giving each website, such as this site belonging to the Family Crisis Shelter, in Crawfordsville, IN, a personal and one-of-a-kind feel.

These websites, and dedicated email and newsletter services, allow local centers to better educate and inform their communities. They also give centers a way to recruit volunteers and raise donations online.

RAINN provides the service in part through a grant from the Justice Department’s Office on Violence Against Women (OVW). All TAP services are free to rape crisis centers, domestic violence centers, and other OVW grantees.

To learn more, view these custom websites, or to sign up for the free web services, visit the TAP Help Center.

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