Blogathon 2009

Stay up late and make a difference for RAINN!

Do you have a passion for helping others through writing? If you have an online journal or blog, let your voice be heard and register for the Blogathon 2009!
Make your time online count by participating in a 24-hour blogging marathon to raise money and awareness for RAINN on July 25th. Register before July 22nd to participate!

Much like a running marathon fundraiser, Blogathon participants collect sponsorships to directly benefit their charity. These sponsorships could be a flat donation, or a certain amount for every hour the blogger managed to stay awake.
Every year since 2001, hundreds of people register to participate in the Blogathon. Primarily through small sponsorships from family, friends and local businesses. Blogathon participants now collectively raise upwards of $100,000 each year!

To blog for RAINN, sign-up before July 22nd!

Not a blogger? Consider sponsoring a blogger in support of RAINN!

For more information about the Blogathon, visit:

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