How to Edit Privacy Settings on Twitter

Sign into your account by going to, browsing to the right and clicking the Sign In tab.

Sign In

Input your login info.

Once you login, click on your Twitter screen name to reveal a drop down menu and the following will appear:

Twitter Account drop down menu

Click on Settings.

From here you can edit and modify a number of account settings. Scroll down and you will find areas you can edit privacy settings such as Tweet Location, Tweet Privacy, and HTTPS ONLY.

Account settings twitter

  • Adding a location to your Tweets can leave you exposed to predators. If you choose to check this box, please make sure you are aware of who is following you and feel comfortable with them knowing where you are.

  • When you protect your Tweets you are prohibiting them from being seen by the public. This is a good option if you only want to tweet to a specified group of people.
    NOTE: Tweets posted prior to protecting your Tweets may still be publicly visible in some places.
  • Selecting HTTPS ONLY will help protect your account information by using a secure connection where possible to keep things encrypted.

  • Blocking a user on Twitter

    Blocking a user on Twitter will prevent them from following you and mentioning/replying to you in Tweets. Twitter does not notify a user when you block them. Please be aware that if you don’t protect your Tweets, they will still be visible to the users you block.

    To block a user:

    • Go to the profile page of the person you wish to block.
    • Click the person icon (see below).
    • Select Block from the options listed in the drop-down menu.
    Blocking users on Twitter
    Screenshot courtesy of Twitter

    Remember, it is always recommended that you not only limit the people that can access your information on ANY type of social networking site, but that you limit the information you provide.

    Choosing options like protecting your tweets or hiding your location are good practices, but even better is to share no unnecessary personal information on social networking sites that you would be uncomfortable being seen publicly. Limiting the personal information you share is the best way to maintain your privacy online and stay out of potentially dangerous situations.

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