How to Edit Privacy Settings on Facebook

Log in to your Facebook account. Browse to the right and click the Account tab.


Once you click Account, the following selections will appear:


Click on Account Settings


From here you can modify any of your account settings. For example, you can go to Password and click Change. You can then create a more secure password for your account. You can also select a Security Question that makes it more difficult for someone to change your account log in. Scroll to Privacy and click Manage.


It is recommended that your settings do not allow account access to everyone. Try to maintain it to friends only, as indicated above. Once you have modified your privacy settings to your liking, click Apply These Settings. If you want to choose specific information that is viewable or blocked, you can click Customize Settings. The screenshot is indicated below.


Ideally, you should set these to be visible to Friends Only for privacy purposes. Once you have set your preferences, you can return to any page.

Return to My Account page and click Account Security.


Your Facebook page and account are now secured to the preferences that you have selected, and will offer you a greater level of privacy, if you have chosen to do so. Remember, it is always recommended that you limit the people that can access your information on ANY type of social networking site. Allowing access to only trusted friends and creating strong account security is a good first step.

Click Change and you can be notified of any account activity.


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