Highlights from Past RAINN Days

Interested in planning your own RAINN Day? Look back at some of the highlights from schools who have participated over the years.

US Representative Gwen Moore and MTV Recognize RAINN Day 2014
American University student Trey Yingst, on behalf of mtvU, highlighted awareness events on his campus, and interviewed U.S. Representative Gwen Moore about the importance of educating college students on how to prevent sexual violence. The Congresswoman opened up to me about her own experiences with sexual assault and how she went from “victim to victor.”

Elon University Wins RAINN Day 2013
By educating fellow students with a creative stop-motion PSA, Elon University in North Carolina won the 2013 RAINN Day Multimedia Contest! EFFECT (Elon's Feminists for Equality, Change and Transformation) also collected signatures of fellow students who pledged their support to end sexual violence on campus.



Nearly 300 schools competed for the award, holding events ranging from photo displays and speak-outs to roundtables and art projects.

Miami University of Ohio Wins RAINN Day/Cosmo 2012 Multimedia Contest
“Miami University’s WAVES (Women Against Violence and Sexual Assault) group collected signatures of hundreds of students and teachers on umbrellas to spread the word about sexual violence. They also handed out ribbons and pamphlets to educate students on the issue. … ‘RAINN does a great job of giving survivors hope that there are still people who care about you in this world… that people are going to be there to support you,’ said Megan Kincaid, WAVES member.” (RAINN.org)

San Jose State University 2011
Led by Staci Gunner, interim director of the Office of Student Conduct & Ethical Development, San Jose State students performed a lively rendition of Glee's mash-up of "Umbrella/Singing in the Rain" in a central area of campus during a busy time of day. Dancing with yellow umbrellas, these RAINN Day participants caught the attention of fellow students with their spirited energy and well-practiced choreography. "We were able to utilize the attraction of popular culture to convey the message: 'On our campus, sexual violence is not ok, victims are not alone, they are not at fault, and they can get help!'

Domestic Abuse Victim Shares Her Difficult Past
“‘To those who are abused, both men and women, there is hope. You are worth it,’ said Rachel, a social work and art major... Looking bulky in layers of clothing while standing on the patio, Rachel shed each layer throughout the course of her speech...as she read a monologue about her abusive 11-year marriage and journey toward recovery. … In addition to Rachel telling her story several times during the day, SAAVI set up a banner that students could trace their hands on and sign to pledge against sexual violence. Once they signed the banner, they pulled a candy from poster boards that spelled the word ‘rape’ with the candies. Bailey said pulling the candies off is symbolic. ‘They can ‘eliminate' rape,’ Bailey said.” (Utah State University, The Utah Statesman)

Boston College students host yet another successful Sexual Assault Awareness Day
"Sexual Assault Awareness Day' has become an annual event at Boston College (running for three years). This year, we had dozens of people sign-up for self defense and Bystander Education, and hundreds of students received information about sexual assault." (Alicia Johnson, Boston College)

Boston College student government partners with campus police for Sexual Assault Awareness Day
"The Undergraduate Student Government printed matching t shirts saying 'Sexual Assault Awareness Day' (including the number for the Boston College 24/7 hotline), stood in the most trafficked area of campus, held up signs with statistics, and handed out information to passersby. Many students signed up for important programs like Bystander Education Student Trainers (BEST) and SANet. Our Boston College Police Department was on hand with whistles, magnets, and registration for the Rape Aggression Defense Program." (Alicia Johnson, Boston College)

Dixie State College takes part in RAINN Day
"For Dixie State College’s first RAINN Day, 30 participants organized a full day of activities! We handed out 1500 teal ribbons and information around campus. On the grass, we placed 800 cardstock teal ribbons skewered into the ground that represented the amount of Dixie State College students (according to 2009 statistics) that have been or will be raped or sexually abused at some point in their life." (Cory Sutton, Dixie State College)

Penn State-Harrisburg students pledge to stand against sexual violence
"For the few days prior, student clubs and organizations on campus were invited to decorate umbrellas with fabric markers and/or sign their name in the cutout of a hand, stating, 'I pledge that I am against sexual violence.' On RAINN Day, Jennifer Allshouse from the National Self Defense Institute taught 5 basic self-defense moves and provided information that may reduce the risk of exposure to violence. That evening, the Gallery Lounge held a viewing of “Rape Under the Influence: Sexual Assault on Campus,” and a student panel discussed things that Penn State –Harrisburg can do to help solve the problem of sexual violence on campus." (Toni Chainey, Penn State-Harrisburg)

George Mason Greeks band together to end sexual violence
"All sororities came together to educate students about sexual assault and abuse. There were several events held during the week: Monday - Talk to the Hand - invited students to purchase a cardboard hand to say they will not tolerate abuse; Tuesday - California Pizza Kitchen - 20% of the proceeds were donated to RAINN; Saturday - Cinema - two students spoke of their experiences as a rape victim and a rape victim's best friend." (Fatima Smith, George Mason University)

Indiana University of Pennsylvania students spread messages of non-violence
"This year, 118 volunteers wore the RAINN Day shirts we designed around campus all day while handing out 1500 Get Carded cards with local information tucked inside. We also had three stations on campus with banners reading, 'These Hands are NOT for Hurting' on which passersby could add their handprint as a pledge of non-violence. At the end of the day, we had approximately 400 handprints!" (Katie Bean, Indiana University of Pennsylvania)

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