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Links to State Victims' Compensation Websites

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Alabama: Crime Victim's Compensation Commission

Alaska: Violent Crimes Compensation Board

Arizona: Criminal Justice Commission

Arkansas: Crime Victims Reparations Board

California: Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board

Colorado: Division of Public Safety

Connecticut: Office of Crime Victim Services

Delaware: Victims' Compensation Assistance Program

District of Columbia: Crime Victims Compensation Program

Florida: Division of Victims Services and Criminal Justice Programs

Georgia: Crime Victims Compensation Program

Hawaii: Crime Victim Compensation Commission

Idaho: Industrial Commission

Illinois: Crime Victim Compensation Bureau

Indiana: Violent Crime Victim Compensation Fund

Iowa: Crime Victim Assistance Division

Kansas: Crime Victims Compensation Board

Kentucky: Crime Victims Compensation Board

Louisiana: Crime Victims Reparations Board

Maine: Victims' Compensation Program

Maryland: Criminal Injuries Compensation Board

Massachusetts: Victim Compensation and Assistance Division

Michigan: Crime Victim Services Commission

Minnesota: Crime Victim Reparations Board

Mississippi: Crime Victim Compensation Division

Missouri: Crime Victims' Compensation Program

Montana: Crime Victims Unit Board of Crime Control

Nebraska: Crime Victim Reparations Program

Nevada: Victim Assistance and Compensation

New Hampshire: Victims' Assistance Commission

New Jersey: Victims of Crime Compensation Agency

New Mexico: Crime Victims Reparation Commission

New York: Crime Victims Board

North Carolina: Crime Victims Compensation Division

North Dakota: Crime Victims Compensation Program

Ohio: Office of the Attorney General Crime Victim Services

Oklahoma: Crime Victims Compensation Board

Oregon: Crime Victims' Compensation Program

Pennsylvania: Crime Victim Compensation Program

Rhode Island: Crime Victim Compensation Program

South Carolina: Office of Victim Assistance

South Dakota: Crime Victims' Compensation Program

Tennessee: Criminal Injuries Compensation Program

Texas: Crime Victims' Compensation Program

Utah: Office of Crime Victim Reparations

Vermont: Center for Crime Victim Services

Virginia: Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund

Washington: State Crime Victim Compensation Program

West Virginia: Crime Victims Compensation Fund

Wisconsin: Office of Crime Victim Services

Wyoming: Division of Victim Services

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