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RAINN Day 2007: Photos & Testimonials

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RD 2007
Boston College

"Our event was successful on all accounts: we made it happen, we received a lot of positive feedback, the information got out to the greater student body, and we expanded the number of students aware of the issue to include those outside our normal audience. We had several tables that dealt with statistics, how to avoid assault, the resources available on campus, and the different organizations involved locally and nationally (including RAINN)." ~ John

RD 2007
Indiana University of Pennsylvania

"This year, 118 volunteers wore the RAINN Day shirts we designed around campus all day while handing out 1500 Get Carded cards with local information tucked inside. We also had three stations on campus with banners reading, 'These Hands are NOT for Hurting' on which passersby could add their handprint as a pledge of non-violence. At the end of the day, we had approximately 400 handprints!" ~ Katie Bean

RD 2007
New Mexico State University

"We tabled for 3 days before our actual Clothesline event to get as many participants as possible, and in the end, we had over 100 shirts! Our program for WAVE (Wellness Alcohol & Violence Education) had over 200 attendees and three local bands played, as well as speakers." ~ Organizer

RD 2007
St. Leo University

"Over 700 Get Carded cards were handed out and over 1000 pledges against sexual violence were signed. The night prior, I shared my story to about 50 young women, and answered any questions they had at the end. I felt on top of the world!" ~ Liz

RD 2007
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

"For RAINN Day on our campus, we had umbrella painting at the Arts & Crafts Center. Participants were offered paints and jewels, and were encouraged to use all the words and thoughts they could to portray what they so desired on their personal umbrellas." ~ Serena Cisneros

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